Goldendoodle Groomer Letter- Diagram of a Suggested Goldendoodle Haircut

One of my customers suggested I make a diagram with instructions on how to groom a Goldendoodle. I created a drawing and a letter for my customers to take to their groomer. The biggest issue with groomers that I see is the tendency to trim them like a poodle.

You can print these instructions for your groomer.

This link will take you to our Serenity Farm Goldendoodle Facebook page for the diagram picture that you can print also.

If you email me (email address is on our contact us link on this website) I will send the diagram and letter to you.

Dear Groomer,

I am a Goldendoodle. I am a shaggy dog and would like a Goldendoodle clip. Here are my wishes:


1. My Head Haircut
a. Full floppy top that flows into my ears.
b. Leave my ear hair long and soft. It can be thinned a bit but keep the length.
c. I have a V pattern in my coat between my eyes down to my nose. The hair between my eyes can be scissor clipped but not shaved down like a poodle. There should be some length to the hair.
d. Trim around my eyes but don’t shave the hair there either.
e. Shag clip the sides of my face or my beard. If my hair if really thick there, my hair can be thinned out there but I need a nice length just past my jawbone. It looks better if it is layered in instead of making it just one length.
f. Under my chin, in the V between my jawbones, my hair can be clipped down shorter. My beard will cover over top. My chin can be scissor cut or clippered so it is shaggy but short.

2. Ears- Use a clipper to trim the hair behind my ears and underneath my ear flaps. The longer hair down the back of my head will cover the short clip area behind my ears.
a. I may have hair in my ears like a poodle that needs to be pulled.

3. Use clippers to shorten and clip the hair behind my front legs at my chest junction. Do the same thing on my back legs where my leg meets my body. This area mats easily.
a. The hair on my back legs and haunches can get thick and matted. It can be thinned with a scissor clip or a thinning layered clipper cut.

4. Do a sanitary clip around my mommy or daddy parts.

5. Do a poo trail from underneath my tail down.

6. My tail should be full and have a plume like a retriever.

7. My legs should be shaggy with the hair about 2 inches (longer if my owner wants a fuller coat).
a. Clip the hair between my toes.

8. The hair on my back can be layered into the hair on the sides of my body. The
important issues is not to make my hair uniform but more shaggy and layered. Thinning my coat is OK but I am shaggy dog and I need to look like one.

9. My chest hair should be full and shaggy. This hair can be thinned and layered