Blue Dawn- a wonderful thing

I learned the wonders of Blue Dawn (blue colored Dawn Dish Soap) when I moved to Tennessee.

Blue Dawn will kill fleas and ticks. I use it to wash my horses and it is my soap of choice for my dogs.

When bathing a dog with fleas, take a generous amount of soap in your hands and apply it to the dog before wetting the dog down. Apply Dawn to dry hair. Start first with soap around the mouth, lift the ears and apply around the ears and then apply all around the dog's butt, around the tail and under it's belly. Fleas will scurry as soon as water is introduced to the dog's skin and they will go directly to the mouth, ears and butt. When they hit the Dawn, it will kill them.

Wet the dog down, add more Dawn soap as you suds the dog and really work the Dawn all over the dog's body. Let the soap stay on the dog for a couple minutes and then rinse. You should soap the dog twice to really improve your chances of killing all the fleas.

If the infestation is bad, even if you have been using a flea and tick product religiously, then get some Capstar. You can buy it directly from a pet product store or catalog or you can get it from your vet. Capstar kills living fleas within 24 hours.

I know this year has been bad for fleas. Hopefully you can make your pet more comfortable quickly with blessed Blue Dawn.